Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sharon Woods - Cincinnati, OH

Well folks, we've decided that it would be best to cancel this event :-( Poor Kay is very sick, and both of our menfolks are under the weather as well. The weather is forecast to be cool and rainy, and they'll all get well sooner if we stay home so they can rest.

We are disappointed. This would have been out first event this season, and we don't have another planned until Wison's Creek, MO in August; and then Perryville in October. And, if the weather was going to be decent, we might have come anyway; but chilly and rainy does not make sick people comfortable!

So check the website. I, for one, can use the extra time to work on orders and inventory. So keep an eye on the website, Facebook and here. I will try to kepp the blog up to date more often so y'all will know what's happening. I do know that Kay will be up her (in IL) sometime in June for a few days to do some sewing and maybe a 1 day workshop. So check back for more info.


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